Mystical & Magical Content Creation Sessions


Learn a new way to create your marketing content that doesn’t leave you depleted and drained of all life force.


Content creation can be fun, easy, and joyful, and even just one session with me will leave your jaw hanging on the floor in sheer disbelief at how rich, inspired, effortless, flowing, and soft your creation process can be. You’ll be wondering how you have lived your whole life without what I teach you, it’s THAT profound!


And… when content is created from a place of joy, fun, and playfulness… that’s when it begins to get magnetic!


Come play with me in the cosmic soup of creativity and get help creating your marketing content. I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you and showing you how to tap into and tune into the parts of you that are just waiting to serve you in creating inspired content. Once you’ve got the juicy stuff mapped out, we then sit together and turn what’s in your heart into art and get it ready to feed, nourish, and nurture your people.


Sessions are 1 hour, in 1:1 format, and are hosted on Zoom.


Enquire for group/team rates.

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1 hour session, 6 x 1 hour sessions, 12 x 1 hour sessions


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