Astrology Magnetic Marketing

Get your Free Astrology Birth Chart

Get your Free Astrology Birth Chart


If we’re exploring the cosmos of magnetic marketing, your first point of focus is to observe your astrological birth chart. It is here that we can find all the insight we need to use as our guiding star to your path of least resistance for client attraction and magnetic prowess.

Just enter your details (I don’t get to see what you put in) using a birth time that is as accurate as you can possibly get — down to the minute preferably.

If you don’t know your birth time, ask your mum if you’re lucky enough to still have one. They are usually great at remembering. Dads and other family member too.

Once the info is up, right click on the chart and save it somewhere easily accessible for quick reference in the future.

Explore your free birth chart with the birth chart calculator .


As a qualified guide and interpreter of the stars, I’m here to help you explore your magnetic energy through your birth chart and reveal the secrets to unlocking your flow of attraction.

Set off on your path of least resistance in your marketing journey, so you can attract more money, opportunities, abundance, and clients.

If there are any blocks to abundance and flow, we’ll work to find a way to navigate through them, finding practical and grounded ways to break your karmic cycles, challenges, and/or timing issues.

As we navigate the mystical sphere of magnetic marketing, your birth chart rises as the guiding star illuminating your path to success.

Cosmic Invitation

Ready to align your marketing strategy with the wisdom of your stars? Book your personalised astrology reading, and let’s chart a course towards greater abundance, opportunities, and clients. Your journey through the cosmos awaits!”