I'm Nicky...

I help heart-centred business owners create magnetic content and attract the right clients by weaving the mystical and magical into the grounded and practical. If you’re exhausted by the never-ending content grind, the push to promote, getting stuck for ideas, and struggling to connect with your audience — week after week, year after year — you’re in the right place.

"I thought I was going to have to change my career to escape the burnout of my job as a content creator."

But all I needed was another way. And that’s what I’m bringing to you. My work offers a refreshing perspective on marketing and content creation. One that’s easier, more enjoyable, and aligned with who you are and your heart-centered business goals.


Imagine that you’re creating your content from a place that’s playful, inspired, energising, and divinely guided… a space where ideas effortlessly pour onto your page. And, imagine you’re marketing in ways that are in flow with your innate blueprint for this life.


That’s the kind of magic I bring to the table.


You could say:

  • My love language is guiding you to tune into and tap into the most natural, creative, and sacred energy available to you.
  • My love language is showing you your way home to the most powerful and magnetic parts of you.
  • My love language is adventuring our multidimensional cosmos and returning with pearls and gifts that help you find your path of least resistance to well-being, flow, and abundance


Elevate your life and biz to the next level — whatever that looks like for you — with my help, as your Abundance Oracle.

My signature Magnetic Marketing astrology readings offer deep insights into your ideal offerings, innate gifts, creative processes, resources available for you, and potential blocks. Equipped with this insight you can confidently begin to empower yourself.

How do I do it?

Astrological insights for business brilliance

As your oracle and translator of the language of the stars, through exploring the cosmic energies in your birth chart I unveil the secrets of how you can unlock your flow and set off on the path of least resistance in your marketing journey so that you can attract more money, opportunities, abundance, and clients. If there are any blocks to abundance and flow, we’ll explore those and find grounded and practical ways to break your karmic cycles, navigate challenges, and explore timing issues.


Mystical and magical content creation

Say “Goodbye!” to the endless grind and creative burnout and say “Hello!” to deeper creative devotional practices that transform your work into a deeply reverent, joyful, inspired expression of your life purpose. Learn to harness the feminine energies, which are just waiting for you to embrace them and create marketing content that resonates meaningfully with your audience.


Elevate & Unleash Your Magnetic Superpower!

Join me on a profound transformational journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we uncover the secrets to enhancing your personal magnetism. Through the deep-diving inner work and conscious creation practices available in my coaching programmes, you’ll learn to attract that which you desire instead of needing to chase it down. Yep, all those things your heart has been yearning for all these years? They can and deserve to be yours.

Why Work With Me?

For over 20 years I have journeyed the deep and rich terrain of my inner landscape and gathered sacred knowledge in a quest to master my own magnetism. Like the phoenix rising from its own ashes — bigger, brighter, stronger than the cycle before — I too have got better, stronger, and faster at pulling in abundance of all kinds.

This includes:

  • AMAZING clients who pay me well and who are happy with my services
  • More than enough money to meet my needs and play with
  • A house that was my own even though I didn’t need to pay for it
  • Courses, mentors, and teachers that have been the best of the best and who were exactly perfect for what I needed next on my journey
  • A lifestyle where instead of manifesting millions of $$$, all my expenses were covered or paid off. No debt, and only paying cash for things I wanted, and I have expensive taste
  • Living on several islands, and being a digital nomad who creates digital products

Two of the most common questions people ask me when I tell them I am a master magnetiser and manifestor are: “But then why aren’t you a millionaire?” and “why don’t you have a husband?”

Well, because I don’t want a husband and I haven’t felt a desire for that much money. Over the years I have also developed the ‘audacity’ to believe that I can materialise anything I want to experience in life. And so I reframed how I wanted to experience abundance:

Instead of paying to live on this planet, I decided the planet should pay me to live on it and cover all my expenses. And for a long time the money I made through my work was just for me to play with.

I invested a lot of it in more courses, tools, and resources to further elevate my magnetism so I could break through blind spots and deeper karmic cycles. I only recently started paying rent again when I moved to Bali.

This year, I step into my deeper life purpose to bring true empowerment to others and teach them about their infinite creative potential as beneficiaries of the limitless abundance available to us from Life.

Whatever your wildest, most unhinged, ridiculous dream is for yourself — it IS achievable! It’s my life purpose to show you the way to becoming the version of yourself that has the capacity to receive it.